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Je cherche un manga/scan qui parle d un mec qui incarne un ange dans un jeu
dans ce jeu, il est une sorte de reine demon et l histoire du jeu est en accord avec les actions des jours
un jour il se fait invoqué dans le jeu sous la forme de son avatar ( la reine ange demon) et il/elle se rend compte que le monde qu elle a connu est plus faible que avant
Elle a également 67 betes du zodiaque qui était sous son commandement mais apres sa disparition, il se sont séparé

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Épisode Sirius the Jaeger [ Episode 56 ] (New)
Épisode Jashin-chan Dropkick [ Episode 57 ]

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Don Epps is working for the FBI. He has the mass of complex cases. Once, Don desperately appeals to his brother Charlie, a brilliant mathematician. He proposes to use the laws of numbers in the investigation. His hypothesis works! This means that it can be applied in solving other crimes and brothers Epps are going to do that.

Est ce qu il y a des gens qui si connaissent en Scan dans le coin ? ou un forum de gens qui connaissent bien les scan ?

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Raku Ichijou is your Ordinary High-School Student. Rather he''s as ordinary as he can be, not counting his status as the heir to a Yakuza family - a position he''s not too happy about. Still, he lives a mostly carefree life until one day he crashes into (or, more precisely, is crashed into by ) Chitoge Kirisaki - his class''s new transfer student. This causes him to lose his most precious possession- a pendant given to him by his first love ten years earlier. Some harsh words are thrown and even though Chitoge eventually helps him find the pendant, the two of them are off to a bad start.

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