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Good news for South Park Studios fans, now you can create your own avatars there and use them as display pic for your profile. The 8766 Create Avatar 8767 section lets you choose avatars from the Avatar gallery, Randomizer and you can also create your own avatars with full modification there.


The site owners has provided cool Flash tool to make anime characters. You can only make female avatars. Tons of apparels, combination of hairstyles and different facial expressions to suit your mood and personality.

Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon - Instructables

Go Wild With Build Your Wild Self, create your weird avatars with combination of yours as well as some body parts of insects, birds and animals. Build Your Wild Self is really very interesting website to create fantasized avatars with amazing combinations. All tools are provided to you. Just start creating 8775 interesting avatars 8776 .

How do you outline in PhotoShop? I don't have a steady hand, so when I try to use the brush it looks jagged and really bad

From Voki, not only you can make your look-alike avatars but also you can add your voice to make your avatar speak out and animate for you. A simple and straightaway website with all needed stuffs provided for free.

can cartoonize any photo, landscape within few seconds. You just need to upload the picture to this website. Moreover, can also make animated avatars of yourself and you can grab pic from the URL or from your Facebook Profile.

From campus to the heart of the city, explore the places that share our passion for cartoon art throughout the 9-day festival.

Once you get the hang of drawing some of the more popular types of cartoon flowers, it will be possible to venture off and draw ones that aren't covered here.

Last and final step..make it pretty and put the finishing touches on it. You can add background colors and even a border. There are lots of different swatch and border tools in either program. Have fun.

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